International negotiations

Takeaways from COP27

Press Release of Swiss Youth for Climate. (Please contact us for translations into German, French or Italian). 

Zurich, 23.11.2022. The delegation of Swiss Youth for Climate has returned back home safely from COP27 with many impressions.

COP27: In the Name of Climate Justice

Press Release of Swiss Youth for Climate(French and German Version below)

Zurich, 25.10.2022. Swiss Youth for Climate will travel to the COP27 climate conference in Sharm el Sheikh with a delegation of 8 young people.

COP26: the Last Chance to Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

Press Release of Swiss Youth for Climate. (Please contact us for translations into German, French or Italian). 

This year’s UN climate conference (COP26) hosted in Glasgow is the most important one since COP21 in Paris in 2015.

COP24: Text adopted, ambitions abandoned

Representatives of 190 countries attending the COP24 climate summit in Katowice accepted the rules for implementing the Paris Agreement, which limits global warming to less than 2˚C. But to achieve this result, it took a lot of negotiation and patience, as the delegates of Swiss Youth for Climate observed.

COPs: not only negotiations

The Conference of the Parties are built on multiple levels: there are not only the negotiations, but many other discussions and events going on around the venue...

COP23: perspective from the most vulnerable

COP23 took place in 2017. This peculiar edition was organized by the Republic of Fiji, island country in Melanesia, but was hosted in Bonn, Germany, for practical reasons.
Key topics of the edition were in fact island states, which are the ones that are more strongly feeling the effects of climate change today and will probably experience the strongest impacts in the future. 

COP22: the Good, the Bad and the Money

What do you do when you get 196 countries to sign a major agreement that will shape our future economies and societies? You celebrate, right? Well, not quite...

Youth engagement at COPs

How can youth and in particular Swiss Youth for Climate's delegates make a difference in these international events?

COPs for dummies

During the summer 2015, Océan Dayer founded SYFC to participate at COP21. And guess what? A few months later our first delegation left for France!