In order to reach and engage a large number of young people, Swiss Youth for Climate believes that regional and national projects are crucial. At this level, our activities are organized by our Regional Groups.


Climate change knows no borders. Although regional action is crucial in tackling climate change, a global agreement is essential in solving the climate issue. We are convinced that young people have something to say in international climate policy. Thus, we are sending a delegation to the Conferences of the Parties (COP) of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as to the Conference of Youth (COY) that takes place just before the COP. We also think that the civil society, i.e. NGOs and all citizens, are fundamental actors of change. Hence, we also have members present at the COP that don't work with government representatives but rather with other citizens, to work on the society to which we aspire.


During the COP, organized by the YOUNGO (UNFCCC Observer Constituency of Youth Non-Governmental Organizations), youth delegations from all over the world collaborate, develop positions, organize lobbying activities towards the states. These exchanges and collaborations among future leaders are fundamental in order to assure the continuity of the climate debate. They represent the hope for a brighter future. We are convinced that the Swiss youth should be a part of this process and has the potential to become an important actor in this collaboration.


Furthermore, we think that it is important to give the Swiss youth a direct information channel written by their peers that allow them to follow the course of the international debates. That's why our delegations will have a blog in which they will tell you what they experience and do. The Swiss youth will be confronted with many decisions that will impact our climate. Only by being correctly informed and mobilized, they will have the means to act better.


We would like these information to reach and engage a great number of people in Switzerland. In order to do this, we have to organize events before and during the COP to make our voice heard and to get media attention for our action and events. Do you have good contacts in the media or are you a social media crack? Get in touch with us and give the youth a voice in the climate debate, too!

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