Gletscher Initiative

Switzerland ratified the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. The Glacier Initiative calls for what the Swiss government, together with over 190 countries, committed to in Paris. The initiative provides the legal basis to phase out fossil energies and aim for a net-zero society. Swiss Youth for Climate fully stands behind the initiative - a crucial step the rejected revision of the CO2 law in the face of the climate crisis.

Earth Foundation

The Earth Foundation is a nonprofit foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland that aims to "inspire, educate, mentor, and empower students, schools, researchers, and young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to tackle environmental challenges."

The Earth Foundation's inaugural initiative is The Earth Prize, a $200,000 global youth environmental sustainability competition for secondary school students aged 13 to 19. Participants will have access to specially designed online learning materials and will be mentored by university students who will help guide the development of their ideas. The Earth Prize will be adjudicated by a group of highly renowned experts with backgrounds in corporate sustainability, entrepreneurship, and conservation, chaired by Rina Kupferschmid-Rojas, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at UBS. The competition is taking place from September 2021 until March 2022. Registration will officially open on September 1st, but any student or teacher interested in participating can pre-register on their website: